about us

Way more than a factory.

TMR was founded in 1998 as a textile company specialized in the production of clothing by Founder & CEO, Margarida Máximo.

In the course of 12 year, with a small team, the company managed to reach a business volume of 3.5 million euros in its best year.

As they say, it´s always calm before the storm, and so it was, right after the best year, the financial crisis turned into economic turmoil and the company went, as many, through a rough time, managing to stay afloat just enough to get better winds, and with this winds, came change, in business model, now bypassing agents with big distribution networks to go direct to smaller, niche oriented, higher-end brands.

The first years were not easy but as time passed, it slowly became the DNA of the company.

Building on that, the company started to enter country after country and with that came the need to exhibit in international shows where it is now one of the staple companies of the most respected tradeshows in the business.

With sustainability and social responsibility as pillars of the companies strategy, our company has become a household name when it comes to clothing production in Portugal.

In the last few eras, again adapting to market changes, the company started developing a new category, sportswear, which now makes up already 20% of the companies turnover and 2022 marked the 1st exhibition at a sports specific tradeshow, ISPO Munich.

2022 also marked the year where the company, following distinctions as a SME Leader in Portugal, was also distinguished levels above, as excellence in SME and as Innovator by COTEC, the national agency for innovation. A distinction only awarded to 654 companies in the country, across all sectors.

The know-how and capacities necessary for the sportswear industry has now merged with the existing and core business, fashion.

Fashion meets performance.

our timeline


TMR was founded as a small family business, operating in a 100m2 space with 4 employees.


TMR experienced growth and expanded to a 10-employee company, with a larger space of 350m2.


TMR achieved a significant milestone, reaching a record business volume of 3.5 million euros. The company also expanded its facilities by 28.


Portugal faced a major crisis, which prompted TMR to reevaluate its business model, emphasizing quality and higher perceived value and expanded its operations to countries like Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland.


TMR provided direct support to the winner of the Sangue Novo competition at Lisbon Fashion Week


TMR obtained certification for its quality management system and participated in its first international trade show, Fashion SVP London. The company also received GOTS certification, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices. France, and Switzerland.


TMR made significant strides towards sustainability by installing its first solar panels, ensuring the use of renewable energy. The company also provided health insurance coverage for all employees and developed its first product made from 100% recycled materials


MR further expanded its operations by acquiring a majority stake in a new factory unit. The company relocated to a new office space.


MR made progress in its sustainability goals, with more than 40% of its products being organic or recycled. The company participated in PV New York for the first time, showcasing its products to a wider audience. Additionally, TMR exhibited its activewear line at ISPO Munich, further diversifying its product offerings.


In 2023, TMR reached new heights, making again a prominent appearance at the renowned Premier Vision in Paris, expanding its international visibility. Furthermore, the launch of the Be@at project drove innovations and connected the company with new opportunities, solidifying its role as a frontrunner in the market.

way more Than a Factory

01. Mission

Be an extension of our client, solving problems and offering solutions based on the latest market trends and innovations.

02. Vision

To be the go-to place for the brands looking to deliver the latest top-notch products to their clients.

03. Values

Ethic, innovation, design, sustainability, and social responsibility.