TMR Fashion Clothing: Hyper Octopus – A Step Towards Sustainability in the Textile Industry

In the current scenario, where sustainability is an undeniable priority, the fashion industry faces the challenge of rethinking its methods of production and consumption. In this context, the innovation program “Beat by Be@t” emerges, led by BCSD Portugal and Citeve, with the primary goal of driving the development of sustainable and circular textile projects through collaboration between designers and companies. Within this inspiring context, TMR Fashion Clothing, in partnership with researchers Laís Kohan and Ivis Aguiar, presented their revolutionary project at the October 2023 edition of Moda Lisboa: the “Hyper Octopus”.

The “Hyper Octopus” project marks a significant advancement in the search for sustainable solutions in the textile industry. TMR Fashion Clothing,teamed up with experts Laís Kohan, Ivis Aguiar and Joana Campos Silva as a mentor to create a truly innovative waterproof coat. The piece not only offers protection against the elements but also embraces the concept of circularity by being able to decompose and regenerate through its magnetic fastenings.

The key to the sustainability of the “Hyper Octopus” lies in its revolutionary approach to the product lifecycle. While many textile products are discarded after use, contributing to environmental pollution, this waterproof coat is designed to break down in a controlled manner and regenerate through advanced magnetic technology. This feature not only extends the product’s lifespan but also significantly reduces its environmental impact, promoting a more responsible model of production and consumption.

In addition to its innovative decomposition and regeneration capability, the “Hyper Octopus” offers a range of security and practical features. Equipped with an air tag, the coat provides an additional layer of protection against loss and theft, while the anti-theft pocket offers a secure space for personal belongings. The reflective fabric increases the user’s visibility in low-light conditions, contributing to their safety in urban environments.

The project presentation at Moda Lisboa 2023 was met with enthusiasm and admiration, consolidating TMR Fashion Clothing as an innovative leader in the sustainable fashion industry. The “Hyper Octopus” is not just a piece of clothing; it is a symbol of the company’s commitment to promoting ethical and environmentally responsible production practices.

In a world where fashion is often criticized for its environmental impact, initiatives like the “Hyper Octopus” offer a hopeful vision of a more ethical and sustainable sector. TMR Fashion Clothing and its collaborators are paving the way for a textile industry that not only cares about aesthetics but also about the well-being of the planet and future generations.